Title 「2016年度」、Folder 「2016年度 - 大学院 - 農学研究科
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Faculty of Medicine
Syllabus of Graduate school of medical science from this place
Course year   2016   Semester   前期  
Course Number    
Subject code   81130500  
Subject Name   Advanced Bioengineering Methods in Bioin  
Charge teacher(Organization)   北垣 浩志  
Unit Count  
Day・Period   金4  
講義概要 Students can reach the level of using bioengineering techniques  
開講意図 This lecture is intended to let students understand bioengineering methods  
到達目標 Students can use bioengineering techniques  
授業計画 1 History of bioengineering methods
2 Advances in bioengineering methods
3 what is bioengineering methods?
4 Details of bioengineering methods
5 Examples of bioengineering methods
6 Bioengineering methods1 machines
7 Bioengineering methods2 analysis
8 Bioengineering methods3 interpretation
9 Bioengineering methods4 statistical calculation
10 Bioengineering methods5 softwares
11 Recent developments in bioengineering methods
12 Recent researches in bioengineering methods
13 Applications of bioengineering methods
14 summary
15 exam  
成績評価の方法と基準 report and exam  
開示する試験問題等 answers and grades will be communicated to students  
開示方法 Teachers's room  
Title Edition
Statement of Responsibility The name of the publisher Year of Publication
Remarks (Volume, etc) ISBN
Simon Physical Chemistry  
オフィスアワー Wednesday 1st  
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